ICF System

TECdream Constructive System: “What is ICF”

The ICF constructive system – “Insulated Concrete Forms” - consists of blocks of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene resin), which after its Assembly, are filled with reinforced concrete, forming the walls of the buildings. It consists of blocks of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene resin), which after its assembly, are filled with reinforced concrete, forming the walls of the buildings. This combination creates a wall with exceptional properties, highlighting the high thermal and acoustic insulation, fire safety and superior structural strength.

t is a technically advanced construction system, – not prefabricated -, which allows a considerable saving of costs and energy in all dwellings. TECdream uses this technology given the rapid implementation, controlled costs and excellent environmental sustainability indexes of the ICF.

See below the main advantages of this constructive system.

  • 4 times better thermal insulation: thermal bridges day/night and summer/winter diminished.

    Comparison with traditional system
  • Entre 3 to 4 times better sound insulation: exterior noise locked to the inside and vice versa.

    Comparison with traditional system
  • 4 times more resistant in fire testing: resists until 4 hours in direct contact with flames

    Comparison with traditional system
  • Top air quality: air is drier, reducing the appearance of mold, moisture and infiltrations.

    Comparison with traditional system
  • Produces only 3% of debree against the approximately 27% of the traditional construction

    Comparison with traditional system
  • The ICF system can use up to 40% of recycled material. The EPS is a highly recyclable material.

    Comparison with traditional system

Ecology and Sustainability

Low power consumption in its production, fully recyclable, with extremely low percentage (3%) of residual work.

Thermal insolation

High thermal insulation of walls, which reduces heating/cooling costs by about 50%.

Acoustic insulation

High acoustic soundproofing between divisions, and also isolation from the outside, which can reach values up to 51dB.

Energy classification: A

The use of TECdream’s system contributes heavily to attribute an A energy rating to each house.

Construction in 10 to 12 months

Minimizing steps in construction and the simplification of logistic processes makes the construction is super efficient.

Robustness and security

Construction with reinforced concrete walls and slab: confers superior safety, and fire resistance up to 4 hours.

Finishing details

The ICF system allows them to be used in interior and exterior walls, in a simple way.

Versatility in construction

The adaptability of the system allows the ICF to be used in the construction of any kind of architectural design.

Controlable costs

Allows you to calculate with accuracy the quantity and cost of materials in each work, drastically decreasing budgetary deviations.

Simple logistics

Components are light and easy to carry. System works in modular form, allowing efficient labor management.

Less work related accidents

For being lightweight and easy to handle, the employees are more secure and less prone to extreme physical exertion.

Profitability of the workforce

The constructive system requires small teams of employees, and allows simpler and effective processes.

Want to know more about the TECdream's ICF System? Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

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